In-Demand Jobs & Industries That Are Hiring Now

When searching for jobs, it’s important to know what jobs or industries are currently in high-demand. Here is a list of growing in-demand jobs that are hiring right now!

Sep 18, 2022 - 22:12
Jun 1, 2023 - 17:52
In-Demand Jobs & Industries That Are Hiring Now
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These positions are on the rise:

Digital marketing professionals

Digital marketing professionals are skilled at getting people’s attention on products and services online. Top growing jobs in this field include:

  • Social media specialists create content on social media to build an audience and increase customer engagement. While many employers may want a bachelor's degree for this position, it’s generally not required, so if you can demonstrate you have the skills necessary to excel at this job, you have a chance at landing it.
  • Search engine optimization (SEO) specialists optimize websites in order to achieve higher search engine rankings (which equals more hits to a website). Similar to the social media specialist role, it is possible to land an SEO job without any formal training, but it will require a commitment to learning on your own and demonstrating you have the knowledge, skills, and abilities to do the job.

Digital content creators

Digital content creators create engaging content on social media platforms to grow audiences. Formal training can come in handy for these growing jobs, but isn’t required - you just have to be able to show that you can do the job.

  • Content coordinators organize content on a website, schedule the publication of web and social media content, and train their team on how to use a content management system.
  • Video editors edit raw video footage to create a final video ready for publishing. Depending on the job you are applying for, some positions do not require formal video editing training - a knowledge of how to create great videos on TikTok or Instagram along with a willingness to be adaptable and grow your skills can help you land a job without a college degree!

Technical writers

Technical writing is the art of conveying complex information to an audience with varying amounts of familiarity with the subject. Technical writers, also known as technical communicators, might be employed in a number of fields, which range from manufacturing to the sciences to information technology. They use their expertise to write everything from how-to guides and journals to instruction manuals and supporting documents such as FAQ pages. A degree in English literature will help you enjoy the challenge and satisfaction that technical writing offers. However, everyone can actually be a technical writing as long as you a can write. More than needing to clearly communicate about technical matters, they need to have a firm understanding of the subject they’re writing about, such as technology or finance, in order to convey the necessary information accurately. 

Web developers

Web developers create websites for brands, companies, and clients. There are four main types of website developers: back-end, front-end, fullstack, and webmaster. Each category focuses on a specific aspect of building and overseeing a website. Website developers typically must know at least one programming language and have some understanding of fundamental design principles. 

Market research analysts

Market research analysts are a key part of a company’s market strategy because they investigate and provide actionable insights when it comes to competitors, customers, and new markets. Market research analysts also develop new ways of collecting data to help them understand what customers want, what competitors offer, and where a new product or service could potentially fit. Their work entails a combination of strong mathematical and analytical skills alongside critical thinking and clear communication.  


Statisticians are problem-solvers who use data, mathematics, and other statistical information to identify a range of solutions. They often work for companies, either as full-time employees or consultants, using their analytical skills to understand business-related issues and determine the best outcome. Statisticians can apply their skill sets to a number of industries.

Software developers

Software developers code and create software, apps, and make updates to existing interfaces, ensuring that everything runs smoothly. They work behind the scenes to design and build the programs people use everyday on their computers and mobile devices. Software developers need to know a programming language and have an understanding about what users need from a specific piece of software in order to create a useful and impactful product.  

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