How to Build Your Job Search Plan

Interested in finding a job but aren’t sure where or how to start? Here are the important steps to take when starting your job search.

Sep 19, 2022 - 14:05
Jun 1, 2023 - 17:52
How to Build Your Job Search Plan
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Determine what type of job you want

Before you start your job search, think about the type of job you want and the kind of work you enjoy doing. Looking for a part-time job? How about an internship? Jobs are not one-size-fits-all, so take a moment to really consider what will work best for you and your schedule!

Prepare your resume

Your resume is your first impression on potential employers, so it’s important that it’s organized, detailed, and highlights your skills, accomplishments, and hobbies. Although every job you apply for may not ask for one, most do - so make sure you have your resume handy.

Secure your references

Professional references are people in your network (aka bosses, coworkers, coaches, supervisors, mentors, etc.) who can speak positively about your skills and qualifications for the job you applied to. When applying for jobs, you can submit their contact information to employers. If an employer is interested in hiring you, they’ll reach out to your references to learn more about you and your work experience. Be sure to give someone a head’s up if you listed them as a reference! Not only is it the polite thing to do, it can give them some extra time to prepare to talk to employers about how awesome you are!

Not sure how to secure a reference? Read our guide on the do’s and don’ts of asking for references here!

Write a cover letter

While not every job you apply for will require you to submit a cover letter, doing so anyways can help you stand out from other candidates. It should show your interest in the position and highlight the skills that make you the best candidate for the job.

Different jobs will require different cover letters, so we recommend drafting a basic cover letter that highlights your basic skills and abilities, and tweaking it for each job or position you apply for.

Start your job search

Once your resume is up to date and you have a sense of what type of job you are interested in, it’s time to start looking for jobs! Here are some places to start your search:

Brush up on your interview skills

You never know when a hiring manager could reach out to you - so be ready to rock your interview by taking the time to prepare in advance! 

Stay persistent

Sometimes, searching for a job can feel like a job itself. That’s the name of the game! Applying for jobs requires a good amount of persistence and follow-through. It’s easy to get discouraged if you don’t hear back from employers - but don’t give up! You can and will find a great job if you have persistence and dedication!

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