A Future in Healthcare as a Nigerian

Explore all the roles and pathways revealed once you widen the lens of what health care can be as a Nigerian
By Chidi John | Oct 18, 2022
A Future in Healthcare as a Nigerian
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Healthcare in Nigeria is a million-dollar sector with tremendous prospects. It has been neglected for too long by the government. An excellent healthcare system is a great source of export for the country, with prospects for growth. Major players continue to ignore the country's health sector, and others are exploiting such lapses for the better.

The introduction of technology into the healthcare space in Nigeria is revolutionizing the system and giving a new face to it. Technology is the wildcard and an avenue through which many who wish to enter this sector can move in.

This article looks at how technology will sweep the healthcare sector in Nigeria to a new era and how individuals can be part of this revolution.

Booking Doctor Appointments

Imagine this scenario.

Mr. Bello is sick and needs to see the doctor ASAP. He goes to the hospital and waits more than 3 hours to see the doctor. He leaves the hospital and goes to his other business. He is stressed, and the sickness takes the better part of him.

In the case portrayed above, time and urgency denied Mr. Bello his chance to see the doctor and get treatment for his ailment.

Now, imagine if Mr. Bello did not have to leave his house in the first place without first confirming that he could see the doctor. He would have only gone to the hospital, spent less than 20 minutes, depending on his health needs, and left the place.

If we have a sophisticated appointment booking system that would help people eliminate the waiting time, it’ll be a thoughtful innovation. How about having all doctors in an app and their time entered? You know when your doctor is available and when he is not.

As simple as that. No time wasted. No one is hurt.

Health Education

Many Nigerians are ignorant about their health and may not care about the consequences. We have had people in the past, who slumped and died, and their family/relatives allude to such things as spiritual issues.

Young people neglect their health. Many older people do not take regular checks seriously or even see a need for them. Some walk but may not have enough resilience if a health challenge strikes.

One way to tackle this menace about to explode in our society is to educate people on why they should take their health seriously. Games related to people keeping up with their health status can be developed to let people play and learn more about their health. Also, apps that teach people about personal hygiene will help forestall sicknesses and diseases.

Help Health Workers Keep Up with their Patients

Healthcare practitioners can also go through stress when situations are not managed to maintain their mental health without breaking.

With a system that will ease healthcare practitioners' keeping up of patients/clients, the burden will reduce. The zeal to want to take care of others will increase since other issues have been alienated.


Without uncertainty, the healthcare system's story is evolving due to the integration of new technology. To tap into the billion-dollar industry to provide sustainable and affordable healthcare, tech experts must embrace technology and provide pragmatic solutions.


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