Breaking into the Creative Industry: 5 Things to Do to Build a Budding Career in The Creative Industry

Learn how creatives ensured that their dreams never died.
By Chidi John | Oct 9, 2022
Breaking into the Creative Industry: 5 Things to Do to Build a Budding Career in The Creative Industry
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There are diverse opportunities in the creative world, and even though there are millions of creatives already, millions of creative opportunities remain untapped. You have to change your thinking and brief system to be like Kunle Afolayan, a celebrated film maker and producer, who has done major movie projects viewing on Netflix and other streaming platforms, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, a prominent Nigerian writer famously known for her feministic beliefs which she portrays in her books and speeches around the world, Basketmouth, top comedian, Nigerian celebrity fashion designer Jeremiah Ogbodo, who has clothed a number of African presidents, first ladies, and celebrities. 

Truth is that, they are humans like you, that is why you need to take note of these 5 things to do to break forth into the creative world.


The place of education in every creative can not be overemphasized. Regardless of talent and technical know-how, you must maintain the status when you become a creative. People talk about individuals who were dropouts but still became successful in the long run. They may not mention that more successful people are educated and understand what it meant ot maintain what they have. 

To be among the good ones, you need to have at least a form of formal education, even if it is after becoming successful in the field you choose.

Be Determined

No one ever got to their destination by giving up along the way. In order to achieve that which you want to achieve, you need to be determined not to be discouraged by the obstacles that you face. Walt disney was fired from the Kansas City Star in 1919 because, his editor said, he “lacked imagination and had no good ideas.” Did this deter Walt and stop him from getting what he wanted? No. According to one of Walt’s quotes, “All our dreams can come true — if we dare to pursue them.” So to be determined, you must build the courage to do it.

Never Be Idle

What is that popular saying about an idle mind? I am sure no one wants to be a workplace for the devil; hence the need always to get busy. You know what you love doing. Do it. 

To be a prolific writer like Chinua Achebe, you do not only need to study to be a writer. You also need to write. To perfect your drawing/sketching skill, you need to draw or sketch more often. To be an award-winning musician like Burna boy, you need to sing and perfect your art in it. Just do not stay idle doing nothing. The more you practice, the better you get at whatever you wish to do. The secret is to keep going.


“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” Do you prefer speed or wish to be more than a professional in your field?

Whatever you choose is fine. Make sure you are built in that field as a creative to stand the test of time. Networking is a tool leveraged by people who know how to convert situations and meetings to favor them.

If, as a creative, you need tools to improve your craft and you are finding it difficult to get those tools because you are at an early stage, being in the right place with the right people will help you get what you need. This is one of the benefits of networking. Creatives know the importance of networking, which is why you see hubs and associations that should help members make their journey smooth.

Hilarum helps bring creatives, tech-savvy individuals, and students who want to scale their careers together. No one should still be small when they can grow with others in their industry.

Produce a lot more ideas

Folks who can produce up with a plethora of good and bad ideas are much more likely to have a few truly fantastic ideas mixed in with the rest of the pack than those who can just think of a few ideas in the beginning.


Becoming a creative is not rocket science. It is as possible as the air that you breathe. You need to have the right mindset, be with the right clique, and read the right books. Hilarum is here to help you break forth into that career you think is difficult to break into. You need to keep going. You are getting there.

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